Posting your Instagram Reels on the fly?

Only hearing crickets when you do?

Or maybe…ahem…you’re not posting them at all?!

First, let’s flip the script. Repeat after me, friend:

You CAN post intentional, impactful Reels that make your client list longer and your sales numbers soar.


The Reel Results Kit

Everything you need to create your first (or next) Instagram Reel
expands your reach and connects with actual ideal clients!

What comes with the kit, you ask?


    TRENDING AUDIO – Maximize views with a popular audio clip that’ll also help share your message.


    CONCEPT – Choose from multiple concept ideas that’ll speak directly to your specific audience.


    CAPTION IDEAS – Seal the deal with a caption that furthers the value of your Reel and creates connection.


    And a BONUS!! Powerful affirmations to help you feel grounded, confident, and ready to hit “record” on your best Reel yet.

    Sure, you can try to reach anyone and everyone who comes across your videos for the sake of likes, views, and shares…

    Or, you can cater your video content to the audience you want to
    speak to and build relationships with.

    Because that’s how you build the authoritative business that people flock to
    for high-value content – and build trust that eventually turns them into
    paying clients or customers!

    Ready to level up and create that impactful, scalable, and profitable business you’ve been visualizing in your brain?

    Hi! I’m Jen, founder of Waves & Willows Social, my social media management company. After lots of trial and error (and self-education!), I can now say that I’ve been there, done that when it comes to doing the work it takes to get more eyes on social media content…and seeing a consistent uptick in signed clients because of it!

    Now, my mission is to help entrepreneurs like you build more of the right connections and land dream clients on Instagram without the hustle – that means more time for deep breaths, sipping your coffee, and carrying out the grand vision for your business!

    And the Reel Results Kit is your first step toward that “less is more” with your efforts on the most powerful Instagram tool.

    Download your free Reel Results Kit!

    Create your first (or next) Instagram Reel that expands your reach and connects with actual ideal clients – not just anyone and everyone who comes across your videos!

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