Meet Jen

It’s time to stop feeling bad about putting social media on the backburner… and watching sales and impact stall in your business as a result.

Waves and Willows Social exists for busy online coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners so you can show up on social media consistently and grow a business on your terms – with little to no effort on your part!

It’s no secret that creating content, posting regularly, and engaging
with your dream clients as much as you need to really is a full-time job in itself.

You’re ready to grow and scale the most efficient online business possible, and to do that
requires clearing your plate just a bit (okay, maybe a lot!)

The stress and overwhelm you feel over social media probably seems necessary because you need the growth…
and yet, you wonder at times (okay, maybe often) 

“Is social media even worth it?! Where are the clients at?! I comment, DM, and post to Stories as much as I can and it gets me nowhere!” 

Or, if you’re being real with yourself, maybe you DON’T do as much as you can with social media
because there are so many other things you need to do.

You’re not alone here – in fact, I’d argue we could start a whole club for business owners
who need to vent about this (with a lot of wine involved!)

Yes, social media is an ever-changing game and we’ll never know what the algorithm wants from us next. 

But my team and I are here to take it off of your plate so you can stop feeling like you have to hustle
and burn out in order to get seen and sign clients through these platforms.

Oh yes, you heard me correctly…

✨  No more running in circles trying to post Reels, stories, posts – and engage with ideal clients on top of it all.

✨  And no more going MIA on the ‘gram, only showing up when you can because you’re a hardworking CEO, darnit!

Yes, social media is worth it… But the good news?

You don’t have to be the one to do it. 

Friend, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief and give your scrolling thumb a rest!

Hi there! I’m Jen.

And I’m here to take care of your social media management, not only so you can increase sales and Instagram engagement, but to increase your bandwidth for the parts of your business that you love most.

I’ve been there, done that when it comes to doing the work it takes to get more eyes on social media content and see a consistent uptick in signed clients because of it.

More than five years of building up my own coaching business taught me the power of organic social media marketing strategies as the gateway to what we want most: A sustainable and profitable business that leaves an impact and serves the clients you dream of working with most.

It’s no easy feat, but I have been able to grow an engaged audience of thousands and sign dream clients consistently using only social media. Add this experience with my engineering background managing multi-million dollar projects and you’ve got a social media manager who can get you the kind of results you want and need from the efforts you put into social media for your business.

Only I want to be the one putting in the majority of the effort for you.

You may wonder why I added social media support alongside my coaching business,
and truthfully the answer is simple: I LOVE everything about it!

Creating connections, relationships, and scaling a business with social media is my absolute jam – and one of my greatest strengths!
I’m passionate about taking that work off of other CEOs’ plates so you can reap the rewards without the work.

When it comes to a social media manager, you need someone who:

    • You can trust with your branding, voice, and audience
    • Is experienced with gaining organic growth (aka none of the EW DAVID Instagram tactics!)
    • Has both the practical social media skills, knowledge of trends, along with the personal touch
      that your clients crave
    • Can make it happen without requiring hand-holding or micro-management

    Check x4 over here! But for me, the best social media accounts come from those who are passionate about what they do and eager to show up. I know you have that in you – I’m just here to help get it out into the world so you don’t have to stretch yourself thin!


    To help business owners like you build more of the right connections and land dream clients on Instagram without the hustle – that means more time for deep breaths, sipping your coffee, and carrying out the grand vision for your business!

    With less “sorry I haven’t been on here lately” or explaining to your audience why you’ve gone MIA, you’ll see more connections than ever and consistent business growth.

    “Jen, I need this! How do we get started?!”

    So glad you asked:

    step 1:

    Fill out the form for your Discovery Call, where we’ll chat about your business, your social media needs with zero pressure. If we’re the right fit for each other, hooray!

    step 2:

    Sign contract, take care of the invoice, and fill out the new client questionnaire where we’ll dive into all of the details needed to begin our work together!

    step 3:

    Submit your questionnaire and schedule your kick-off call with me so we can talk strategy, specific goals, and map out your new social media game plan- let the fun begin!

    If you’re in, I’m SO in!

    Ready to level up and create that impactful, scalable, and profitable business you’ve been visualizing in your brain?

    Let’s get you the high-level support you need to create a magnetic social media presence that feels genuine to you and your audience, and generates paying clients with ease so you can work less while making more.

    My Values

    Oh you know, just the big things that LIGHT. ME. UP.


    And outside of working my social media magic, my sparks of joy come from…

    ✨ Sipping foamy (and strong) cappuccinos
    ✨ Family beach vacations (Hawaii is a fave!)
    ✨ Cooking beautiful dinners with my husband
    ✨ Full-bodied red wine with a side of dark chocolate
    ✨ Watching Schitt’s Creek
    ✨ Plants and flowers (I love lillies the most!) 

    Come say hi on Instagram!


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