Boutique social media management services for business owners serious about scaling, growing, and cultivating community.

You’re a busy and passionate business owner who wants MORE
from your business, but NOT more stress and more work –
particularly from social media. 

We’re talking about the “more” that gets you closer to the vision you have for your business:


More authentic connections & relationships using social media

because they are the key to opportunities to serve others and build an impactful business.

More freedom to focus on your zone of genius

and less overwhelm from content creation and engagement on social media.

More clients who can benefit from the amazing work that you do

and the more people you can serve, the more positive change you can impart on this world.

More joy and happiness

because you definitely didn’t start a business to wake up overwhelmed every day and question whether this is going
to work out.

You don’t want to buy into the hustle culture, and truthfully,
that isn’t the path to a business that withstands time and makes waves.

With Waves and Willows Social, consider social media officially off your plate!

As your social media management team, we’ll expand your reach, grow an engaged audience and community, and create more sales with organic social media marketing strategies (that don’t involve abandoning the core of your message or your brand for the sake of likes!)

Full Disclosure:
We’re not about “going viral” around here.
We’re about real results.

Our first priorities?
People. Community. Relationships.

Because these are what lead to every result you desire.

Hi! I’m Jen.

CEO of Waves and Willows Social and lover of all things social media-related.

While I love spending my days making meaningful connections on these platforms, I’m aware that Instagram and Facebook aren’t everyone’s thing. So many entrepreneurs would rather be inside their businesses, doing the work they love with clients. If you landed here, I’m guessing you can relate!

I want to help you get back to what you love doing in your business because only you can do the work that led you to start it in the first place. But that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all that social media has to offer in terms of growth!

I make it my personal mission to ensure that you have a delegated process that helps you scale and bring in more clients than ever, with no extra time required on your end.

Your title is “CEO”

Not, “CEO + Social Media Manager for Myself”

You’re ready to show up on social media with authenticity and authority so you can get more leads, sign more clients, and leave an impact on those who come across your content.

Here’s how Waves and Willows Social does that FOR you:


Instagram Engagement
& Management

We know engagement drives results in a major way, but it’s also time-consuming! That’s why we offer an Instagram Engagement package so you and your business stay top-of-mind with your ideal clients…without lifting a finger!

You also know that content creation is the bread and butter of your business – the high-value info and entertainment that draws people in so you can show them what you have to offer. After all, you need both done consistently to see results, and engagement and content go hand-in-hand! 

Wanna add Facebook into the mix? We do that, too!

With our Instagram Engagement & Management Packages, you’ll find exactly what you need with social media support so you can leave all the commenting, community-building, analytics, and content creating (and more!) to us!


Instagram Reels

What’s the secret to gaining traction on Instagram?
REELS, my friend!

These short but powerful videos are THE way to grow your reach and your client list. Even if you’re afraid of video or the Reels you’ve created so far haven’t gotten much traction, don’t lose hope! You aren’t behind and it isn’t too late to post Reels that get likes, laughs, and shares galore.

With the Instagram Reels Intensive, you’ll get personal support with creating engaging, scroll-stopping Reels for your business, from concept to completion and everything in between! And if you’ve got questions? I’ve got answers with four weeks of Slack support to help you implement your new Reels strategy.

I absolutely recommend working with Jen for social media support!”

Right from the start Jen understood the value of consistent Instagram marketing and fostering genuine connections. Her authentic approach to social media is obvious from the moment you start working with her.

I loved Jen’s support in brainstorming and creating content. With her help, I was able to put out more content to expand my reach and grow my audience.

Jen is a great listener and goes the extra mile to understand your message, your voice, and your overall business goals so that shines through in your social media presence.

I would absolutely recommend working with Jen for social media support. She is an incredibly kind, thoughtful, and grounded individual who has a real love for social media. She’s absolutely an asset to have in your corner!

– Amanda Joyce Weber, Mindset and Sales Coach


Are you ready to
stand out
and shine
on social media?

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